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Friday, 27 January 2017

Animal Signs

While I have been away in New Zealand I have rather neglected the Winter Photography Scavenger Hunt. Well that's not entirely true because I have been keeping an eye out for possibilities.
So here we are waiting at Dubai Airport. I have that kind of deja vue feeling. Last time we sat almost in the same place on our way out for our adventures. It was foggy and we had several hours delay. This time all is clear but dark so we have no more of a view outside. The good news is however that at the moment our connection to Heathrow is on time.
I don't think you have seen the last of New Zealand. I still have lots of posts to show you and today I have chosen No. 4 A signpost of an image of an animal. When I first saw this choice I rubbed my hands together knowing I would find a few of these on our travels.
This first one was in the Far North at Mangonui. No sign of the penguins though!

This next one was pretty common in certain areas. The kiwi is an endangered ground bird which is also vulnerable beacause it is nocturnal. It is also preyed upon by stoats and stray dogs. Our only view of one was a viewing area in a sanctuary.

We saw a lot of this next one and of course the farmer was very interested in the real thing. We caught this on a quiet side road. Not all had added eyes.There were plenty of sheep ones too but windy roads aren't ideal for stopping.

This duck sign was on the side of Lake Wanaka.

Would you believe me if I told you this last one was at Christchurch Airport?

It was outside the Antarticia venue near our hotel.


  1. The top penguin is very cute!
    I have a similar one of a kiwi sign, but on a windy day in the mountains!

  2. I'm probably a bit late in wishing you a safe trip now, but I'll do it anyway!

  3. Can't imagine that anyone will find better photos for #4! It's sounds like you've had the trip of your dreams.