Saturday, 21 January 2017

How Important is a reflection?

One of the walks we did when staying at Fox Glacier was around around Lake Matheson. This beautiful walk is famous for its reflections in the lake of the surrounding mountains including Mount Cook. It is a lovely up and down walk around the lake through rainforest with Suprise vistas across the lake.

The dampness is evident in the moss, lichen and fungal growth.

Alas for us there were no real reflections.

There were in fact no real views of the mountains.

However there was no rain and even a little blue sky.

It was despite the lack of view a lovely walk.

With something different around every corner.


  1. Makes me want to inhale deeply just from seeing the photos!

  2. In spite of fog & less than perfect window, you have captured some truly fantastic shots. I like the tree stump of mushrooms & moss.