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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Hahei to Cathedral Cove

During our one night stay in Hahei we spent the morning exploring the coastline. We walked down to Hahei beach fairly early so it was still quiet and we were able to take in the scenery.

We made our way to the end of the beach to start our walk to Cathedral Cove. The beginning of the path was surrounded by agapanthus, a common sight in New Zealand.

The path climbed up onto the headland but the views made it all worthwhile.

The undulating way continued through native bush.

Then eventually dropped down into the cove.

This spectacular location was used in the Chronicles of Narnia film.

The cliffs are ignimbrite consisting of pumice and ash from eruptions 8 million years ago.

It is soft and consequently erosion has created a series of stacks  and arches.

There were a group in kayaks who had paddled round. This was the form of transport our daughter used during her stay.

Our method of return was quicker than both the kayaks or the walk there. We opted for the water taxi.

Our excuse being that a view of the coast from the sea would complete the trip.

Should you be planning a New Zealand trip don't forget to put this on your itinerary.


  1. Noted! What a beautiful, memorable place. Great weather for great photos. Love the agapanthus ones and ... oh actually I like all of them!

  2. I love reading posts from 'tomorrow' (still Tuesday morning here!) beautiful and of course you need to see it from the water too

  3. That is a beautiful walk and coastline. No swimming yet?

  4. Wow! I think these beaches just get more and more beautiful!