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Thursday, 12 January 2017

Water Everywhere

I am afraid that my posts are going to be a little limited having lost my little device to load my photos from my camera to my iPad. Oh blow! I am now limited to the few that I have taken on my phone.
On Wednesday we visited Huka Falls which has subsequently been on the news here tonight.
These incredible Rapids pass through a natural narrow channel on the River Waikato River.

Every second 220,000 litres of water pass through.

They were on the news today as someone had ridden through them on a board, a truly dangerous stunt.
We then drove up stream to find a more peaceful stop for a picnic lunch.


  1. how frustrating to lose your gizmo. beautiful water - when I arrived in NZ in 1990 those falls were famous for their role in an infamous murder involving a cricket umpire and a dominatrix !

  2. Beautiful! I am wondering if I have been there as the bottom pic looks familiar.
    Can we twist your arm to buy a new thingamyjig while you are out there so we can keep going Oooh and Aaah at your photos? It has poured here all day and is just on the brink of turning to snow. If the forecast is correct (and it has been so far), we can expect two hours of heavy snow ce soir. I can continue with the sob stories if it will do any good...?

  3. It's stunning.

    I didn't even know such a gadget exists! Do you think you could find another one?

  4. Your pics are pretty good, even if on the iPhone! I remember seeing pics of those amazing falls. Not sure about surfing them, bit more challenging than the Severn Bore!