Saturday, 7 January 2017

Where Seas Meet

The second part of our trip by bus took us to the most northerly part of New Zealand. 

Cape Reinga is a peninsula with a lighthouse which is important for three main reasons. I have already mentioned one of these in that it is most furthest point north. There is sign to prove it and to give you the usual photo point and guide to distances of far away places.

The second important point is that The Tasman Sea and Pacific Ocean meet here and the point where the waves overlap are clear to see.

The third significant point is that Maoris consider this to be a very important place where the souls depart as they jump off on their journey to the spiritual homeland. No food or drink is ate there out of respect for the Maoris.
The view from the top is truly spectacular.

This sign was interesting to see and of special significance as we visited on the eve of Twelfth Night.

It was a very rewarding day out and finished with a walk along the beach where we were staying.


  1. I do feel sorry for you, having to put up with all this!

  2. Well-timed visit! How did you manage that?? The views look beautiful. I imagine it can be considerably more forbidding in winter.

  3. "Rewarding" sounds like absolutely the right word for it.

  4. The first photo is just a stunner! What a marvelous trip you're having.