Monday, 16 January 2017

It's Monday :Travelling by Water

I haven't done much blog reading while I have been away but I did pop over to see what Sian was up to and discovered that Mondays are changing slightly and it's all about the mail we are receiving in our post boxes.
Well you don't really receive mail while you are on holiday which is a shame because I am fascinated by all the mail boxes especially those decorated or those surrounded by agapanthus. I am going to have get the farmer to stop so I can snap some of them!
Actually though I have had some mail. Daughter has mailed be photos of important bills and documents! Then this week I am expecting some real mail. Yes I have ordered a replacement photo reader for my IPad and Apple are posting it to one of our stopovers! Yippee! So watch this space for better photos! In the meantime here are some from my phone again.
Our first sight of South Island was from the ferry transporting us from Wellington to Picton. This journey was as picturesque as we had been told it would be and it was well worth staying on deck.

Starting on our road journey again we were immediately transported through beautiful scenery as we made our way to Marahau on the very edge of the Abel Tasman National Park. Our accommodation here was all it promised to be with views across the bay.

The following day we explored the National Park by the ideal transport.... water taxi. On the way out we were taken to see sights such as Split Apple Rock.

We were then dropped at Onetahuti to walk to the next beach Awaroa for lunch and some relaxation time.

We enjoyed a fabulous walk.

Lunch was good too! Our biggest mishap was not being sure which end of the km long beach our return taxi was landing and a bad dash to the other end when we realised we had it wrong!
We fascinating by their technique for launching the boats and collecting them at the end of the day. We were transported in the boats by tractor and trailer and removed from the sea in a similar way.

We were not sure that British bureaucracy would allow road trips quite like that.

A fleet of tractors awaited us!


  1. Glad you have ordered a new thingamajig (is that how you spell it?). However it all looks pretty good from your iPhone photos.

  2. the colour of the water looks so inviting - bet the farmer was pleased to see all those tractors

  3. I agree with Juliet, you're photos from the phone are excellent, and I'm so enjoying seeing sights I'm quite sure I'll never see IRL!

  4. More wonderful photos & the quality lacks nothing so your phone is doing an excellent job.

  5. Ditto, ditto, ditto! Love the bottom pic.

  6. I think that when you get home you could do a post about your photo reader and how it works and follow it up with advice on taking holiday photos..what you look for, how many you take...

    Enjoy your week!