Sunday 4 June 2017

Behind the Scenes

Yesterday I had a trip to our local National Trust property, the Tyntesfield Estate with my mum and sister. I have as you can imagine taken a lot of photos but today I have chosen a few showing signs of day to day maintenance. On entry to the large walled garden the visitor gets a peep into the tool shed.
Plenty of tools for the volunteer and employed gardeners, all beautifully cleaned and carefully returned. I wish I could find a garden tool so easily when I need one!

The greenhouses were quiet yesterday but showed signs of industry.


I peeped in a potting shed as we passed by which showed signs of industry and days gone by.

There was an interesting selection of garden produce for sale including the recently dried off Spring bulbs.

Another day I will show some of the variety of colourful flowers in bloom but I was drawn to the sight and scent of the just flowering lavender against the red brick wall which surrounds the kitchen garden.


  1. Great photo of the lavender against the red brick. Fun seeing what goes on behind the "closed" doors. That is a lot of dried bulbs.

  2. Lovely selection of pictures of a busy workplace on a quiet day!