Friday 9 June 2017

Garden Delights

It was a girls day out yesterday. Firstly meeting up for lunch out and then a garden visit. The garden we visited is privately owned and was open under the National Garden Scheme. How lucky we were with the weather after a morning of heavy rain it dried up just in time.

The garden covers about 3/4 acre and is fashioned in an Edwardian style.

It consists of a series of 'rooms' divided by arches, walls and hedges.

This gives a series of well thought through vistas and tasters of what is to come.

We were lucky that we had the gardens to ourselves at times although obviously not so good for the owners after so much hard work.


The present occupants have owned the property for the last 16 years and are great enthusiasts. They have a collection of over 100 clematis.

A variety of ornaments compliment the gardens.

Topiary is another strong feature.

The recent wind and rain had given the garden quite a hard time with some windswept shrubs and a lot of fallen petals.

There were still plenty of beautiful flowers to see.

We came away clasping new plants that we had bought for our gardens and feeling full after sampling their delicious cakes to top up our lunch.

Should I apologise for the number of photos? Somehow I don't think so!


  1. Not at all. Beautiful place and when I think of the effort, never mind the work that must go into it....

  2. No apologies needed; just thanks for sharing such beautiful gardens!

  3. Beautiful garden to wander through and glad that the rain stopped for you.

  4. A beautiful walk through this garden. Amazing all the talent some people have putting a vision into place. How else could you have shared with fewer photos?