Tuesday 6 June 2017

5 in 5 : The Orangey Courtyard at Tyntesfield

This month for Sandie's 5 in 5 I have chosen one of my favourite spots on the Tyntesfield Estate. The courtyard outside the recently restored Orangery is nearly always ablaze with colour. Last Saturday was no exception with an array of bright pink peonies amongst other vibrant colours. Off I went snapping to see what I could capture in the designated 5 minutes.
1. A peep out of the Orangery doors showing the rose arches in the background.

2. Mum and my sister admiring the flowers, the kitchen garden wall and entrance in the background.

3. Looking back towards the Orangery.

4. One of the many terrific peonies.

5. Now mum did tell me the name of this...


  1. How can one go wrong with flowers ... beautiful peonies & yes I'd be most interested to know what the last pink flower was.

  2. What a lovely place to visit, flowers always bring a smile with them. I don't know the name of the last flower but peonies remind me of my grandad because he liked to grow these. Deep red ones I remember!
    Thank you for sharing your visit to the orangey, and for taking part in 5 in 5. You have some lovely photos there.

  3. That's a beautiful peony, and a lovely estate. What a great place to find 5 in 5!

  4. Oh so that's where you went! Great photos! Glad you caught me in the classic knees bent iPhone close up pose!

    The flowers we were talking about with Mum which were very brightly coloured and planted along the edge of the bed were ranunculus (don't think that's correct spelling but that's how it sounds). I think your last photo may be one of those.