Friday 30 June 2017

Butterfly or Moth

Should you walk through the quarry when it is sunny at this time of year you are sure to be accompanied by butterflies. Catching them for a photo is a different matter. More often than not they are on the move as soon as you point the lens at them.
However I have managed to capture a few. Hopefully my identification of them is correct.
The burnet moth.

The Large Heath.

The marbled white.

There has also been a few moths around the farm. This elephant hawk moth had taken up residence in our conservatory. We have had elephant hawk moth caterpillars in the garden in the past. They are quite extraordinary.

Then what I think is a scarlet tiger moth was outside on our wall.


  1. Amazing post! Nice one, Maggie!

  2. Not only am I impressed with the photographs, but also the identification!

  3. Lovely photos! Not sure I would have been able to identify beyond the Burnet Moth. Your photo of the Hawk Moth reminded me of those Privet Hawk Moths that we hatched out as kids..all those tiny caterpillars which soon got quite big!
    I have been photographing butterflies and moths this week too - must be the time of year!