Sunday 25 June 2017

Home Produced and Fresh

It's the time of year when the fresh home produce is really beginning to come on.

The peas and sugar snaps are looking particularly wholesome.

I was brought a basket of vegetables to go with the home produced roast lamb (try not to think of those cuddly lamb pictures!). 

Then I picked a few boysenberries from my garden which went well with some home made black currant ice cream and sorbet with a meringue on top.

Feeling hungry?


  1. Your veggie patch is bigger than my garden! The sugarsnaps look yum!

  2. Veg looks good and I hear the sugar snaps were very good. Boysenberries look mouthwatering in the way that something you anticipate might be slightly sharp does that! Sure that the ice-cream and meringues sorted that out. Yes. Feeling hungry.