Thursday 29 June 2017

Photo Scavenger Hunt : The First Link Up

Today is the first of the link ups for the Photography Scavenger hunt led by Mary-Lou. You can see the list of items to be found and photographed and the other participants if you click here. I have already made a head start on trying out a few of the items and you can have a look at these if you click on the label Photography Scavenger Hunt on the right hand side of this page.
I have made a start on No. 6 A pipe. These pipes are lined up at the back of the kitchen garden ready for use. Some look like they haven't been used for a while.

Up at the house there are some pretty fancy drain pipes all marked with the date.

I bet you don't have anything like that on your house!

I have also made a start on No. 8 Rust or Something Derelict. A wander round the farm seemed a good start. We don't keep much equipment that is now redundant but I did manage to take a few abstract rust pictures.

This is th cattle crush used to hold a cow while any care is given to them. Still in use but looking a bit rusty.

 Then there is the farmers' much loved Daihatsu. A real old work horse used for transporting items back and forth from the hen house. It's beginning to look a little worn and definitely a little rusty.

This large horse shoe from one of the farm's long gone working horses is hung above our old tack room. Hung carefully the correct way up not to let the good luck out!

Now I'm off to see what everyone else has found so don't forget to go and have a look.


  1. Some wonderful finds & you are right, I don't have a pipe like that second/third photo on my house.

  2. Your pipes are the fanciest I expect to see anywhere on the hunt! Gorgeous.

  3. That yellow pipe is amazing!! So fancy!! Great pictures to start you off! :)

  4. Goodness, you're spoilt for choice with #8, and such a pretty drainpipe! (And there's something I never thought I would say ...)

  5. Yes, wonderful downpipe. I'm liking how that prompt is developing...