Thursday 8 June 2017

Take Three Thursday: Need a Trim?

Today I am taking part in Mary-Lou's Take Three Thursday with some pictures of happenings on the farm this week. It's shearing time of year again and it's been a bit of a struggle this year. Everything was prepared for Saturday and then at the last minute the shearers couldn't make it. Sunday they made a start and rain stopped all action. Yesterday things went better. Here's a picture to set the scene.

Then here we go:-




So they are all done now and I am sure you will excuse an extra photo just to show Sky was busy working.

Then off went the sheep back to their field complete with their new hairdos! Photo courtesy of Older Daughter.


  1. Great, unusual three (and I approve of the contextual extras)! Lovely Sky, and that last one is idyllic. Reminds me of a song, "The little road to Bethlehem".

  2. Thanks for joining in Maggie. Sheep always look so sad after a shearing but I bet in reality they feel free of the wooly coat.

  3. Lovely photos of a process which I had hoped to get a glimpse of on Saturday. At least the sun was shining for the sheep as they lost their woolly jumpers. That last photo from elder niece is a stunner. There is something really timeless and universal about it. One to sell to the English Tourist Board maybe!