Monday 26 June 2017

A Wedding Party

On Saturday we were invited to an Evening Wedding Party. The wedding was held in the parkland of a large estate. The marquee was set on the edge of a lake in an idyllic setting.

A close eye however was needed to keep an eye on the children's whereabouts.

The bride looked stunning in a tea length wedding dress although by the time we arrived the shoes were becoming just a little too much!

The colour theme was blue and we were particularly impressed with the colour coordinated sweets and cupcakes. 

All very tempting!


  1. Very unusual and nicely done! (I don't see a bowl of those blue bobbly sweeties out of the liquorice allsorts though - def an oversight!)

    1. They are on the right in the first sweet picture. Paler blue than the liquorice mix.

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  3. Truly a beautiful setting for a wedding!

  4. Such a tempting sweets table & very pretty.

  5. Lovely setting and wedding details. Nice to see a tea length dress!