Thursday 22 June 2017

Take Three Thursday: Domes Inside and Out

 The remit for Mary - Lou's Take Three Thursday is to post three photos that have come to one's attention and that all follow a theme. This week I have chosen one of the items on the list for the Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt. I have chosen No. 13 A Dome.
 Yesterday I had a couple of spare hours in Cardiff while waiting for my daughter. I decided to head to The National Museum partly to get out of the heat, also because it is free but also because it's large range of exhibitions was sure to have something of interest. I spent a few moments admiring the exterior and the adjoining building which is the Cardiff City Hall. It soon became obvious that this was a good opportunity for a dome!
You may recall from yesterday that my camera has gone for a bit of a MOT so I only had my iPhone with me. I really am not very good at taking pictures with this but sometimes needs must! So taken with my iPhone are 3 buildings with domes in close proximity viewed from Cathays Park.

1. The ornate dome above Cardiiff City Hall topped with a sculpture of a Welsh dragon.

2. Cardiff National Museum with it plainer but still majestic dome.

3. Seen through the trees to the left of the City Hall are two domes which are part of Cardiff Crown Courts. I believe they are matching turrets.

Anyone who knows me will know that I find it hard to stick to the rules. Today I have 3 more domes for you. Inside Cardiff National Museum the interior is quite impressive. This view from the first floor gallery looking down on the foyer below the dome gives an indication of its grandness. This was the venue for a ball that my daughter recently attended.

Then here are the interiors of three domes within the museum.

1. The interior of the large dome.

2. and 3. Two domed windows at the museum.


  1. Lovely views and I like the 'under dome' photos too. Nice place for a ball! Despite living fairly close for a year or two I don't think I ever visited the museum.

  2. Thanks Maggie for joining in. My Welsh DNA always rejoices at seeing The Dragon ... It is such a beautiful spot & a perfect dome.

  3. Love the idea of posting both the inside and outside of the domes. Love the last inside one!