Wednesday 4 February 2015

A Pair of Eyes

OToday is week 5 of Helena's Pairs meme. I am often fascinated by horses eyes and so decided to photograph the eyes of Emma's pony. I am very sorry if you don't like eyes close up. I am always fascinated by the sausage shape of the pupil.
So left eye

And Right.

The second eye was more difficult to capture. Did you know that horses have virtually 360 degree vision? Except directly in front and behind them.


  1. what fabulous eyelashes and I never looked close enough to realist the shape of their pupils

  2. Interesting pair, and fabulous focus!

  3. Wonderful focus! and very beautiful eyes. I like to photograph the donkeys on the beach here, they stay still enough to get close without worrying ( I am a little afraid of horses & donkeys). A great Pair.

  4. Really cool! These remind me of goat eyes!

  5. Fascinating! I didn't know about the shape of their pupils either.
    Great shots.