Saturday 14 February 2015

What will be trumps?

This morning I have been baking in my specially designed tin....

To make a Battenburg cake.

Okay I know it is slightly wonky but it won't effect the taste! I am taking it with me to a friend's house where we have a night of Crazy Whist ahead of us. Never played it? It's great fun with a different quirky change of rules each round. I can't say I am much good at it. One year I won the booby prize, a roll of bin liners because I was rubbish!
Seeing it is Valentines Day I guess we will all be wanting:

I thought the cards would be appropriate ones to take with us!


  1. Very impressed with the cake and I'm sure it was delicious.

    The prize of bin liners was funny - have to remember that for the next quiz night!! Hope you did a bit better this time round.

  2. Great cake! Battenburg cake always reminds me of Sunday tea with Grandma and Aunty Jess - but I don't think it was home-made!