Wednesday 18 February 2015

A Riding Pair.

I was debating in my mind what to use for Helena's Pairs today when my younger daughter asked me to come and take some photos of her riding. She has been busy practicing a dressage test for her AS level PE practical for an individual sport.
 So here we are:-


And cantering 

The faster she goes the more tricky the photography becomes. I did catch some with all her legs but I liked this one because the flow of the mane and tail show the speed more.


  1. You really did capture the speed in that second pic...great pairing xx

  2. great pairing..and I doubt anyone else will be able to copy this idea!!!

  3. I love the contrast shown in the tail - great that she can do horse riding for her PE exam

  4. Oh! This is lovely, loving the flowing mane & tail.