Friday 6 February 2015

More Marmalade

Yesterday I made a couple more lots of marmalade. By the end of the day I had 24 jars of my favourite recipe of Three fruit Marmalade with lots of delicious citrus fruit 


And peel.


Making this marmalade was in one of my first blogs last April. The grapefruit flavour comes through and makes a tasty preserve.


Should you fancy having a go:-

Three Fruit Marmalade 
Makes about 10lb

4 lemons, 2 oranges and 2 grapefruit. Total weight 3lb.
6 pints water
6lb sugar

1. Wash all the fruit. Half the lemons, squeeze out the juice and pips and cut up the peel.
2. Pare off the rind of the oranges and grapefruit. Slice it thinly. Remove any thick membrane and pith.
3. Place all the juice, flesh and peel in the preserving pan with the water. Place all the membrane , pith and pips in a muslin bag, tie up well and place in the pan.
4. Simmer for at least one and a half hours until soft and reduced by half. Remove the muslin bag and squeeze thoroughly to put back any juice.
5. Add the sugar stirring well until all the sugar is dissolved. Bring rapidly to the boil until setting point is reached stirring from time to time. I use a temperature probe which should reach 105 *C.
6. Leave the marmalade for 15 minutes before pouring into warm prepared jars and cover in the normal way.

Spread on your toast and enjoy!

If you don't fancy making it don't worry. I have made enough to bring you all a jar when I call by!


  1. Oh good, looking forward to you calling by then...

  2. Looks fantastic, and I have a ton of lemons on my tree right now!
    Just boookmarked this.

  3. With all the publicity for the new Paddington film, I can see marmalade getting more and more popular too