Saturday 28 February 2015

Sunny walk Part 2

On a dull day like it has been today it is good to look back on the lovely sunshine and walk yesterday. So I thought I would include a few more pictures of the rest of our walk.
When we had passed over the Dundas Aqueduct we started the climb up the hill away from the canal towards Conkwell.

There was quite a climb out of the valley. I always find stopping to take a photo a rather surreptitious way of getting one's breath back! We did indeed on this occasion have extensive views up and down the Limpley Stoke Valley that were worth stopping to view.

We eventually dropped back down to the canal at Avoncliff where there is another aqueduct.

When you pass over the aqueduct there is a splendid view down the river toward the weir and old mills. We had been able to hear the weir virtually from the top of the hill.This is also the location of the Cross Guns pub where we stopped for a well earned lunch.

It was then a flat 2 mile walk back along the towpath to the cars. We were able to admire the many colourful narrow boats along the way.


  1. The second "mill"picture shows the Mill that was purchased by the people in Devizes whose house we bought in 2008, wonder if they are still there.
    Used to love walking the K and A when we lived in Devizes.
    Joy x x