Thursday 19 February 2015

Easter Cakes or Easter Biscuits?

I remember having Easter Cakes/ Biscuits as a child but when I got married I found that Easter Cakes were a real family tradition. The recipe that we use is an old family one passed down from my mother in law's granny! The result is a very "cakey" biscuit. 
They don't stay in the tin very long!


One of the essential ingredients is Oil of Cassia. This can be bought in local chemists, health stores and on the Internet. What I found interesting when I started looking on the Internet for it is how local this flavouring appears to be to the Bristoil area. I am very interested to know if you have heard of and/or used Oil of Cassia. Comments welcomed.


When I asked my mother in law for the recipe I was given a list of ingredients and no method! I was given the tip to store in the fridge to make it easier to roll out. The mixture can be very wet and I have changed it slightly as a consequence.

1lb Flour
2oz Custard Powder 
12oz Castor Sugar
14oz Margarine (I usually use 12oz)
8oz Currants 
1 egg yolk and a little whipped egg white (I don't add any white)
5/6 drops of oil of cassia
Drop of lemon juice.

Cook at 160 C for 15 to 20 minutes.

The method I use is to cream the margarine and sugar. 
Beat in the egg and flavourings.
Fold in the flour until incorporated fully.
Knead in the currants.
Rest in the fridge for several hours or overnight. Roll out and use cutter to shape biscuits.
Bake on a lightly greased baking tray.
One little tip, don't overcook . They should be "cakey" in the middle.

Good luck! You won't be disappointed! 


  1. I'm not aware of cassia. My Granny's recipe has similarities to yours - cornflour instead of custard powder and no cassia but more lemon and some vanilla. I must make a batch

  2. I've never heard of it (and I used to have lots of family in Bristol)

  3. When I read this a few days ago I googled Easter cakes/biscuits. Never heard of them, nor of cassia oil - but if I can find any I will try this recipe. Looks interesting. The only Easter bakes I know are simnel cake and hot crossed buns!

    1. Hunted all over town - no chemist or health food shop had the oil. I actually thought I must have copied it down wrong! Anyway, I'll ask an aromatherapist friend or someone in Bristol as am now determined to make these biscuits!

    2. That is interesting that you cannot find it. I don't know where you live but it does reinforce my conviction that it is local . This make interesting reading
      I have also noticed that a local bakers make them with cassia. You could try buying cassia on line. I will be interested to hear how you get on.

    3. Thanks for the link. I found this one, which was very interesting and completely ties in with what you say:,5753,-2847,00.html
      Latest is that the aromatherapist couldn't help as it's not licensed for topical use (should think not - ouch!) so I've mailed my mate in Trowbridge...