Friday 13 February 2015

Street Musicians No.19 Winter Photographic Scavenger Hunt

I have been saving these photos for a while to use for Joy and Eileen's Winter Photographic Scavenger Hunt which you can see the details of here. When christmas shopping in Bristol the Salvation Army were playing in the centre of Broadmead.


A cheerful sound of familiar Christmas carols. There was some serious effort going into the playing!



Whenever I hear the Salvation Army I always think of my early nursing days at The Middlesex Hospital in central London. They could always be heard playing on a Sunday morning in the forecourt of the hospital. The design of the hospital in an H meant that the music travelled up to most wards and was appreciated by staff and patients alike.This picture is taken fromThe Middlesex Hospital Facebook group page showing them in action.


The Post Office Tower emerging from the roof gives an idea of the location. Sadly the hospital has been demolished to make room for a shopping and residential area.
 My second street musician was playing in the Abbey Churchyard in Bath a busy tourist area where people are waiting to enter the Roman Baths. He kept me entertained while I waited for my daughter (a story in itself having told her I would meet her by the tree by the abbey I am waiting by the Christmas tree and she is waiting by a Plane tree....)


I have to confess to not buying his CD! Amplifiers are very popular with the Bath Buskers and this has recently erupted into a large row after Evensong in the abbey had to be halted because it was drowned out by the buskers outside. There is now a call to put a sound restriction on the buskers amplifiers! The row continues....


  1. Great musicians! Rather sad to think that the grand old hospital building is gone now.

  2. I used to see the Sallies playing regularly in Auckland but can't think of when I've seen them in Edinburgh - must get my street musician shot - it will be bagpipes

  3. Great photos. I need to blog my letters in nature photos still.