Sunday 8 February 2015

Big Daughter Returns

All the pins are now in place on the map of New Zealand.

It was time to collect Kate from Heathrow  Airport.

It was lovely to see her and hear all her tales on the way home. We had the requested Roast Beef waiting for her and her favourite pud.

We have ploughed through her camera pictures and been terrified by the skydive and bungee videos. Just the phone pictures to go. We only need to look at the kitchen floor to know she is home!


  1. Glad she is safely home and look forward to hearing more about her adventures!

  2. looks like a successful trip

    Maggie, I'm going to be in Bristol in late May and was hoping to have a blogger get together, can you email me Helena_catt at yahoo dot co dot nz

  3. Hurray for returning travellers!

  4. What a great way to chart her ventures.