Wednesday 25 February 2015

Closed and Open Pairs

A bunch of daffodils (£1 from the supermarket. I can't resist them when I am shopping!) and a plate of Easter biscuits! Easter must be on its way. 

 There is more about Easter Biscuits here and I would still welcome comments. Today however I am looking at that tightly closed bunch of buds that I bought and am joining in with Helena's Pairs.

Here it is when I got home. Closed.

And in no time at all! Open.


  1. I can't resist the bunches of daffs either - I read they are the third most bought cut flower in UK

  2. I'm looking out the window at some determinedly closed daffs here. I'll really know Spring is on the way when they finally open

  3. We were definitely on the same page this week!

  4. Another great idea for Pairs! Such beautiful flowers, and beautiful photos. My favourite is the middle one - gorgeous!