Saturday 28 November 2015

Cherry and Walnut

I have sat in my kitchen at the moment a bowl of Christmas goodies. I had hoped to have enough mincemeat left from last Christmas but had suddenly realised I needed some more. It's takes a week or so to mature so I needed to get on with making it.
 The mincemeat I am making this time is quite a luxurious mix. It is cherry and walnut and a firm favourite in our house. 

The main reason I save it as a special one is that it contains half a pint of brandy!

All the fruit, spices, sugar and brandy are all mixed up and ready to sit.

Tomorrow it will be ready to pop in some jars.


  1. Ooh, that's interesting - I think I've had homemade mincemeat but I've never seen it being made before and never thought of trying. This year I bought a big jar from Lidl - no idea what it will be like and too much for my use but as I was there... I'm sure yours will be delicious though.

    1. Very easy Ella and you don't have to make a huge amount. You had add it to your repertoire. My mother in law actually used to mince hers. I like mine lumpy!

  2. I actually did make mincemeat just once - it had quite a bit of apple in the mix and it fermented and over spilled the jars, filling the cupboard and kitchen with rather a boozy smell!

  3. We make a 'Delia' mincemeat which is cooked before use. Most of it goes in the Xmas puds. Not tried cherry and walnut, it sounds (and looks) delicious x

  4. sounds fabulous - mince pies are my favourite festive taste