Thursday 19 November 2015

A Bit of Colour for the Tables

Some time ago I had rather rashly offered to help with a monthly lunch for the elderly held in a local church hall "if they are ever stuck". Back in May I was asked to help out as the organiser has a serious illness. Within a month I was 'in charge'. Each month between us we cook a two course meal for approximately 30 people. 
Yesterday I raided the garden for a little bit of cheerfulness to put on the tables. I am no flower arranger...

It's surprising what I could find even if it was a little weather beaten.

Hopefully we helped to brighten up their day. The ham and parsley sauce went down well with some good old roast potatoes from the farm. Nobody could resist the Bread and Butter Pudding either.


  1. Bread and butter has to be one of my favourite puddings, I haven't had parsley sauce in an absolute age - and yet I used to love it .... funny how things go out of fashion. The flowers are beautiful - definitely some much needed colour x

  2. I wouldn't be able to resist the bread and butter pudding either!

  3. Well done with the flowers and good for you. I'm sure your input is much appreciated.

  4. Flowers look pretty good for November and I am sure the lunch went down very well, it is a great and sociable idea for the participants and I am sure something that they look forward to. Next month - Christmas lunch??

  5. Oh, those are so pretty. I'm sure their cheerful air was much appreciated