Monday 30 November 2015

Me on Monday: one More Birthday

Good Morning on this windy Monday morning. I have just insanely decided to hang my washing out on the line having seen a glimpse of sunshine so if you see an item of clothing passing your window you will know where to return it!
The weekend started early for me with my birthday on Friday. There was some rapid opening of cards and  lovely presents over our birthday croissant breakfast before the school run and getting ready for a trip out. Then it was off to Marshfield a large village on the very southern edge of the Cotswolds. Here I met up with my walk and talk friends for our monthly walk. It didn't take me long to realise that they were up to something on my arrival and I was presented with:-
Party hat with a steamer tassel.
Flower garland for round my neck.
Birthday badge the size of a tea plate.
What a bunch of friends! I started the walk with all three on feeling self conscious even in front of the sheep and horses that we passed. Fortunately I have no photos for you! Gradually I surreptitiously removed each item as the walk progressed before we met any other walkers. The walk was very wet underfoot and so the going was tricky in places. We did however pass through some scenic woodland and lovely countryside.

The advantage of starting from a village is that on the return route the church towering above the houses is always a welcome sight indicating that the walk is nearly completed. This walk was no exception.

When I reached home the girls had afternoon birthday tea all ready to have with all family members on the farm. Two cakes had been made by older daughter and scones prepared by younger daughter and her friends. There was much blowing out of candles and singing. 

Thank you everyone for their kind birthday wishes.
  Saturday was really a catch up day doing all sorts of jobs including bottling the mincemeat I had started on Thursday. See previous post for details. Then Sunday after roast dinner it was off into Bristol with Brian to the Royal Marines Christmas Concert. This is something we go to most years. It is always light hearted seasonal entertainment with a patriotic touch in the second part with lots of of flag waving. The drummers are always particularly good. I am pretty sure I would end up with no nose if I had a go at that. Photograph is courtesy of their website.

Then it was off to a friend's house for tea and yes you guessed ...... More birthday cake for myself and a friend.

So we come back to Monday where I wave to Sian and all the other Monday bloggers. It is a Monday touched with sadness as the news that little Harvey Hext our local little hero passed away yesterday. This cheerful little boy who has suffered with childhood cancer for many was known to all in the village and even the Chew Valley area. The scarecrow trail that I have blogged many times was in support of his cause. The way his lovely family have coped through this time is an example to us all. Please give a little thought and prayer for them today.


  1. Sending prayers for Harvey & his family. While November has been filled with birthdays & reasons to celebration, I have never had so many people I know or only know of, have so many losses in one month. November has been a roller coaster ride. Your birthday celebrations with friends & family look & sound delightful, let's take the joy when & where found.

  2. Great way to spend a birthday and I love the ornamentations your friends gave you - I'd have kept them on for sure! I've seen the Royal Marines Band perform - very memorable and so slick!
    Very sad to hear about Harvey; RIP, little man.

  3. Prayers said for Harvey and all who were part of his life ... how terribly sad. It seems even crueller when it is a child.
    And what a naughty girl you are for not keeping your lovely gifts on during your walk! Oh the sight of the church on a long walk ... yes it is such a welcome sight.
    Have a lovely week x

  4. A wonderful birthday for you how lovely to have all those cakes made for you. I think you should have posted a photo of yourself on your walk!

    Sad news about Harvey, sending thoughts to his family.

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  6. Second attempt..

    Great weekend of celebration for you and well done to the girls for the cakes and scones!

    Sorry to hear about little Harvey. It seems that his family and many friends and supporters had done everything possible to give him his best chance of life - so sad that it was not to be.

  7. Happy Birthday! A little late, I'm sorry.

    I'm sorry to hear the news about Harvey and certainly will think about his family and friends. Very sad.

  8. a lovely weekend of cake and cheer - hope you have a great week