Saturday 14 November 2015

Stormy Day

Yesterday was one of those deceiving days when the sun is shining one moment and then the next moment the sky is dark grey. This has given some very transient moments of intense light. I nipped outside to try and catch this before the next torrential downpour.

Only one flag was still flying. The New Zealand one had blown down over night!

Nobody (quite understandably) was prepared to climb up to retrieve this one in the strong wind and by the end of the day it was only just hanging on! 
I had only just got back inside before a terrific hailstorm started and in no time everywhere was white.

The view from my door didn't entice me to venture out!

I found plenty of indoor jobs to keep me going!


  1. Very interesting weather day - great photos.

  2. I love how you have managed to capture the colour of that sky

  3. I love the hail picture, do like a good hailstorm (from a safe distance)