Tuesday 10 November 2015

One Photo and Twenty Words

I am joining in today with Abi's One Photo and Twenty Words. This is something that she holds on the 9th of each month. Abi is currently doing a post graduate teaching course and so has very little spare time for blogging. However like many others I am continuing with this monthly meme hoping that Abi will have time to come back to it.

Another snippet from mum's garden when the sun shone in October. The liquidambar tree gives all the colour Autumn offers.


  1. Beautiful photo - wonderful colours that the tree produced.

  2. Lovely when you can get the autumn colours bathed in sun. Good work! I have been frustrated lately at the gloomy light and relentless rain...

    1. I am rapidly running out of sunny pictures and will then have to look for some inspiration!

  3. What stunning colour Maggie! So cheerful on a dull drizzly day.