Sunday 8 November 2015

A Little Bit of Cheerfulness

A lot of Britain has been shrouded in low cloud for most of the week. I thought we all needed a bit of cheering up with some sunny pictures at the end of October. I might add that all these flowers are still in bloom in my garden!
Marigolds that have flowered all summer from a free packet of seeds that I randomly threw on the garden.

Yes those sweet peas haven't stopped yet!

I have snapdragons still all over the place.

That £1.95 Agapanthus from the Greengrocer shop has thrown flower after flower.

More seasonal now. Honesty seed heads.

Winter Jasmine from a bush that is covered.


  1. a lovely group of cheering colour on a grey day

  2. That's a cheerful start to the day. I love the honesty seed heads - I'll have to make room for some of those in my garden.

  3. Gorgeous colours. My sweet peas died off a few weeks ago but I have nasturtiums still in full flow. We even saw blue sky yesterday - I had forgotten what it looked like x

  4. Definitely cheerful! Just what I need

  5. These are exquisite, especially the sweet pea with raindrops. I lingered a while to enjoy....
    Just what is needed on a dull drizzly day, and how lovely to have so many flowers in bloom. You remind me I must sow marigolds next year, I love their cheerful faces.