Sunday 1 November 2015

Missing Scarecrows

Anyone who has been following my blog over the last week or so will have seen a lot of the scarecrows that have been on view around the Chew Valley. The trail finishes tomorrow and it has been great to see the number of families out walking about following the trail. What better way to spend the time with your family than out on a relatively cheap excursion that also benefits the local charity for Harvey. Here is another of my favourites to remind you.
"My Favourite Things" by one of the local Brownie Packs. 

It seems however than everyone is not like minded. This year there has been a spate of scarecrow thefts and vandalism. One tableau of the Brit Awards that I featured here had one of the figures of Jessie J was stolen while the creator was still constructing it. The impressive Abbey Rd tableau which I posted in Famous Landmarks had John Lennon's arms and jacket taken. It is sad to think that such mindless activities happen in our community. The local Estate Agent arrived one morning to find a Muppet missing.

The Estate Agent in Chew Magna completely lost Special Agent Double Crow Seven.

Other shopkeepers had taken precautions to prevent such a sad event and had their entries safely behind glass.

Perhaps the most mindless vandalism happened on Friday night only hours after I took a photo of Ginger Spice. There was little left by Saturday morning.


However to finish on a more positive note here are a few more favourites.
"Rock Around the Block" featuring our local butchers.

One of the several Mary Poppins.

                                            The Drunken Sailor


Masquerade and Greensleeves.

Katy Perry

                                                    Heavenly Trio


This is but a few of over a hundred fantastic creations of which I have seen about three quarters! 


  1. Does it make me sound very world weary if I admit to having wondered how safe they were? What a shame because they are amazing

  2. I really like the scarecrow competition & displays - I really don't like the senseless, mean spirited folks that wreck them, steal them & just muck about for fun. I agree with Sian, it makes one feel a little world weary.

  3. Appalling and so sad that some people couldn't respect others' hard work, particularly for a good cause. Perhaps the only way they'd learn is if... Anyway, thanks for showing us a selection of these wonderful creations. Specially love the drunken sailor and Mary Poppins. Spit-spot!

  4. They are an amazing collection of work. When we had the two day competition in the village the scarecrows were mostly removed overnight in case they were vandalised