Saturday 7 November 2015

Remember Remember the 5th of November

I joined some other friends for a garden bonfire party the other side of Bristol. The journey in itself was one huge firework display as we drove round the outskirts of the city. How lucky we were to have such mild weather. It had even stopped raining. We wore boots and a coat but there was no need of scarves and gloves especially when the fire got going.

We had our own little display of garden fireworks.

There was parsnip and apple soup. Sausages and Onions in a roll. Baked potatoes and cheese. Why does food like that taste so much better outside? 
There was a bit of entertainment taking silhouette pictures. Some more spooky than others.

A new kind of candle?

I can assure you that no person was injured in the taking of these pictures!

There is nothing quite like a good bonfire!


  1. feeling warm just looking at your bonfire - love the fun pictures of human candle etc

  2. I love the silhouette pictures, very effective!

  3. Very evocative. I used to love bonfire night, haven't been to one for yonks. I hope you ate a jacket potato for me!

  4. Interesting photos, lots of fun. My older brother use to always sing song that rhyme but at the end of Remember Remember the 5th of November, he'd add & your handsome brother.

  5. I can feel the warmth just looking at your photos. Mmmmm... the food does sound good, interestingly I had parsnip and apple on a recent retreat. I've never heard of that recipe before. You can't beat soup and jacket potatoes around a bonfire.