Thursday 12 November 2015

The Flag Flies Again

Yesterday it was time for the second birthday celebration of the month. This time it was Kate's turn.

Like most parents we gave some time to reflecting over the last 21 years wondering where the time has gone. Looking back it seems we had a little farmer in the making from very early on.

The flag of course was flying again for such a special occasion. There was a double flag up today after Kate's holiday in New Zealand. Hopefully her Great Auntie Vicky will approve. You may need your magnifying glass to spot it in the first photo.

There were of course lots of presents but one of particular note is this one from her uncle and auntie painted by one of Kate's friends. 


  1. Happy Birthday to Kate - love the 2 flags and a great portrait of sky

  2. Happy Birthday to Kate. Lovely painting, a gift to treasure.

  3. Great young farmer pic and that is a beautiful portrait of Sky.

  4. Amazing Sky pic. Can't stop looking at it! What a wonderful 21st gift, and something to treasure for life.
    As to the flags, you just need one more, and a slightly longer pole...!

  5. Amazing painting, and such a special present. Happy Birthday to Kate - oh to be 21 again! x