Thursday 26 November 2015

Going on a Birthday Treat

Father and daughter went off on Tuesday morning to enjoy their joint birthday treat from me. They left at 5.30 in the morning to travel up to Solihull to the Landrover factory. They were booked in to a Celebratory tour of the Defender construction line. The Defender is the "proper"  Landrover unlike the more luxury models that have come since such as the Range Rover and Discovery. It's manufacture is due to come to an end in January so this was one of the last opportunities to see the final few being built in the traditional way by hand.
They had a great day out. I had stayed at the farm to help "hold the fort" and so requested a few photos of the day. They were not able to take any in the factory itself but managed a few in the exhibition showing some vintage models.

They both had a great day with only one complaint. The promised refreshments turned out to be only a coffee without so much as a biscuit! They are now planning their next trip to see the Range Rovers being built in a far more modern way by robots!


  1. Now that's a birthday treat which would have gone down very well here too. I'll have to tell him about it..

  2. Glad that they had a good day, despite lack of refreshment!