Monday 17 July 2017

Day Trip

A lot of you may recall that I help with a lunch club for the elderly once a month. The money that we raise from this is put towards a trip out in July for the members and helpers. A popular destination all round is Sidmouth and we returned there again this year. The day was dull but not raining and amongst other things we enjoyed a walk along the front.

We stopped as last year at the lifeboat station and bought some Christmas cards. Let's not forget that it's only 5 months away! 
One of the most interesting sections of the seafront is the east end where the path is carved into the cliff.

This boat looked somewhat neglected or perhaps just secured against floating away.

Steps have been made to climb to the top of the cliff to access the Connaught Gardens.

Best perhaps not to look back down.

The climb is worth it for the view.

Note the lone swimmer!

The climb is also worth it for the clock tower tea rooms.

It is set in Connaught Gardens and includes many different outlooks on the coast.

Something else of note was this plaque which was one of many around the town.

This one I thought would be an interesting possibility for No. 21 A Plaque in the Summer Photography Scavenger Hunt. Just in case you can't read it here is a close up.


  1. Looks like a good day out - but lots of steps to climb for a tea-time treat!

  2. Wonderful day out. My favourite photo is #5, the rowboat half buried. Good plaque find for the PSH.

  3. I love your photographic recaps of your journeys! I think my fave is the clock tower through the arch.