Friday 28 July 2017

Something Found Underground

I have been collecting various photos for the Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt while I have been out and about. No. 20 is Something found underground. My thoughts immediately went to the vegetable garden. The summer vegetables are coming on nicely now. So which would qualify for this category?
The onions are ready to use but technically they are only half way under the ground.

We are now regularly having beetroot. 

The beetroot are delicious at this time of year. I honestly don't think they need any additions such as vinegar because the taste is just so delicious. I encourage the farmer to bring them in like this.

I then cut the stems a couple of inches up and pop them in the pot like that. They "bleed" if they are cut too low. I like to roast them too. 

However they also grow only half underground. You make have spotted another root vegetable on the garden table

Carrots truly do grow underground. Don't they just look scrummy? They will be lucky to make it to the pot without me sampling one of them raw. No comparison to supermarket carrots! 
I think they are my best choice so far for the photo hunt.


  1. OH I do like roasted beets & carrots a lot! And carrots freshly picked oh yeah, in this case it would be me or the horse that argue over who gets the first bite. I think any one of these three would be a perfect submission for the PSH.

  2. Like Mary-Lou, I'm a huge fan of roasted carrots and beets. I bought both at the Farmer's Market last time. Sadly, we don't get enough sun to grow as many vegetables as I'd like.

  3. Lovely veg! Beets are so popular know, especially raw in salads and all colours. Would the farmer be willing to grow some yellow ones maybe?

    1. Not sure on the yellow. I believe you can get a marbled one too.