Monday 28 December 2015

A Star

I am trying to pick out items from the Winter Photography Scavenger Hunt that have a festive theme while we are still in the Christmas season. No. 4 on the list is A Star. When I first saw this I thought of stars in decorations. There are of course lots of different ways one could photograph a star. I am not much of an astronomer and my camera lens wouldn't be up to capturing a star in the night sky.
 I thought about stars as rewards. I recall when I started at Secondary school the teachers would give stars in your book for good work *** Three stars meant a Credit Mark and we soon learnt which teachers dished them out liberally and those who only ever gave half a star at a time.
 Then of course there is my old room mate from college whose son is fast becoming a star. He has recently produced his first album and won the BBC Introducing Award 2015.

Then we return to the festive theme and all those Stars on our Christmas tree from the wobbly one on the top balanced above the angel.

To lots adorning the branches.

It just goes to show that a star comes in many disguises!


  1. a beautiful collection of festive star decorations and well done to your friend's son

  2. Great selection of stars. I love the red and gold one. The one atop your tree is the same as ours!

  3. What a wonderful collection of stars Maggie, and good luck to your friends son! She must be very proud and excited.