Tuesday 29 December 2015

Daffodils in December

There are rather lanky and slightly tatty daffodils in flower in our drive. They are rather ahead of themselves.

Curiously the snowdrops that would normally come first are barely visible.


  1. a strange but lovely sight in December - we were talking about the bulbs and why only daffs are flowering and wondered if they react to temperature but all the others react to hours of light

    1. We have been wondering if the snowdrops have to have a frost to trigger them. Having said that I have seen someone's blog with snowdrops out since I read this.

  2. We had reports of some seeing the daffs starting to poke through - thankfully (?) we just had snow, freezing rain, below 0 temperatures which get nature back to herself ... I wonder if your daffodils will re-flower once winter sets in & puts the clock to rights?