Thursday 31 December 2015

A Windy Day

I could hear the wind as soon as I woke up yesterday morning howling around the farm buildings. Quite a few of the roofs rattle as well. Sky the sheepdog like many collies is very sensitive and she doesn't like the wind. She was shaking when I fed her and we have to be careful she is shut it or she could run away. The drive to Nailsea was both windy and wet. They were announcing in Tescos not to leave your trolley loose in the car park in case of damage to cars.
This seemed perhaps the day for No. 10 in the Winter Photography Scavenger Hunt A Windy Day. I have had one attempt at this already and despite being nearly blown away the results were not fantastic. Can you see how furled the leaves are on this ivy bush? Not really!

Or perhaps the ripples from the wind on this puddle? (Yes I know puddle no. 6. I've got more of these for another day)

Well these trees are definitely bent from the wind.

I know you can say it. They aren't exactly brilliant. So I tried again today. I had a go at staging it. I popped Emma outside in the elements.

The result? A bit of a blur! The tree behind her was all over the place but take a picture and you can hardly see it!

Believe me when I took this the tree was swirling. The bird feeders were swinging and the water was pouring over the yard!
I guess its back to the drawing board. How are you getting on or are you keeping it a secret?


  1. Had exactly the same problem! In the end I chose a pile if twigs and leaves blown off a tree! I did see a pub sign at a good 40 degrees from vertical but didn't manage to grab a photo of it. Hope you all stayed safe x

  2. And a very happy new year to you all!

  3. I was having the same problems while being blown along on a walk yesterday. Happy New Year to all of you

  4. I'm finding this one hard as well. I have lots of ideas but none of them transfer to the camera. All I can do is apologise and try harder with the list next time!!

  5. A very belated but heartfelt Merry Christmas to you all! I enjoyed catching up with your pictures. I hadn't realised there was a full moon on Christmas Eve night. That's quite one dramatic picture. I'm looking forward to more of your breath of country air in the New Year

  6. Wind is definitely a hard one to capture - I think you did well in several of the photos.

  7. What great captures!
    I photographed some wind surfers/wind kit sailers.