Sunday 27 December 2015

Boxing Day Evening

When the sun went down on Boxing Day the sky hinted of better days to come with an interesting colour.

It was also great to see by photo how the youngest member of the family was progressing with his presents. We have not been able to see my great nephew and his mum and dad this holiday. Our present was of course his very first John Deere tractor. I am glad to see that he also practising his fencing skills.


  1. Very striking yellow in the sky. I don't think I have ever seen a sky quite like that!

  2. I love photos of the sky and this is an unusual and lovely colour. Glad to see your great nephew is keeping the farming tradition!

  3. The sky shoots are stunning - hope you did get good weather too. Farming seems to be one of those jobs that you are born into .... as an 'outsider' it must be very difficult to fully understand the impact on every aspect of life. I grew up in a corner shop which was open 7 days a week AND that tied us down, but we had all bank holidays and 3 days off at Christmas - you don't even get that!