Saturday 5 March 2016

5 in 5 : New Shoes

I didn't really have anything planned to join in with Sandie's 5 in 5. The idea is that for the 5th of the month you take your camera, set your timer for 5 minutes and get snapping. The tricky bit for me is then choosing the 5 photos you want to show.
So I took my camera and stepped out the back door, pressed the timer and off I went. Hmmm bird on the feeder, dog barking, pony who has turned her backside on me. I didn't seem to be doing very well. I then turned a corner and had a bit more luck. Is it cheating to reset the timer and start again? I don't think so.
Someone was busy at work. He and his colleagues are frequent visitors to the farm. Perhaps part of his registration plate will give you a clue.

One of the ponys was having new shoes fitted. 

A lot of horses need this doing every 8 weeks or so. All dependent on how quick their hooves grow and how much road work they are doing. The farrier had is own little portable furnace and kit.

Can you smell that lovely smell of burnt hoof? The dogs certainly do and will seek it out looking for bits of cut off hoof. Dogs around a horses hooves don't make the ideal combination.

Should you be wondering there is another end to this pony who is waiting patiently until it is all done. Believe me that are not all that good!


  1. As a 'horsey' girl I can almost smell that shoe on hoof Maggie, and the photo of the smoke is wonderful and captures so many memories for me. I totally agree about resetting the timer, it was so worthwhile in this instance. Thank you for sharing and joining in - I so love to see what you will post each month and I am never disappointed.

  2. These definitely qualify as a photo-journal piece. I especially love the fourth photo; so evocative!

  3. I enjoy seeing those 'olden days' come to life with shots like these. The horse doesn't seem to mind, either!

  4. Lovely photos - and another 5th of the month that I have forgotten to join in!!

  5. I don't think I've ever caught the smell of burnt hoof! I've seen shoes being made, but only a demonstration. Lovely pictures