Wednesday 9 March 2016

Snap: Animal Statues

I am today using Helena's Snap to show some of the animal statues that I found for Alternative B in the Winter Photography Scavenger Hunt.
This little chap was in the window of a butcher's shop leaving no doubt as to where your bacon comes from.

This horse is part of a brass statue in the centre of Queen Square, Bristol and depicts William the Third on horseback.


These two little chaps are Bill and Bob depicted playing in a pool are to be found in Millennium Square, Bristol.

Then lastly this lion is one of a pair guarding the rose garden at Tyntesfield House (see yesterday's post for more details on this house). The lion being the Gibbs of Tyntesfield's family emblem .


  1. great collection, I particularly enjoy the expression on the lion's face

  2. What a great collection for snap! and lovely memories of a meeting with friends in Bristol last year :) Now, THIS YEAR I am going to visit the rose garden at Tyntesfield when the roses are in bloom!

  3. We found several lion sculptures on our walk yesterday. None of them had the playful expression of "your" lion!

  4. A good Snap collection today. Mr Pig is rather a rude boy, but Bill & Bob make up for it in their cuteness (lol).

  5. Bill and Bob look like they have been stroked more than once or twice!

  6. cool...I love the little dogs in the "pool"