Tuesday 29 March 2016

Art in the Garden

It seems to be coming quite a tradition on Easter Monday to visit the Festival of Garden Sculpture at Bristol Botanic Garden. It makes a relaxing walk after an otherwise busy weekend. There is always quite a diversity of art work which I will try to give you a taster of.

I would have to think carefully before introducing these to my garden. I wonder what Monty would make of them?

I am pretty sure he would think this was a dog bowl!

Perhaps a bird house which are apparently frost proof and impervious to moisture.

My ex-colleague Jude Goss had as always a wonderful display of her stained glass.

These little creatures displayed in a tree were also made of glass.

Then these were from recycled glass.


Should you be partial to the rust look there was a giant pine cone.

These mushrooms I could happily blend into our woodland.

Perhaps my favourite this year was the water fountain powered by solar energy and moving in response to music. 

My photographs far from do it justice and don't show the series of patterns it made and the consequential patterns on the water. I could have watched it all day! Anyone wishing to buy me a present can get me one of these but you will have to dig a large pond for me first!
Later in the week I shall show you the bird artwork on display in the greenhouses and some of the flowers in bloom.


  1. I do love outdoors sculpture and could happily watch a moving water twirler for ages - lvoe the pine cone too

  2. I love to see sculpture in the garden, I think I could watch the water fountain all day, it is gorgeous!

  3. I love art in the garden! One of the most amazing shows we ever saw was Dale Chihuly's glass sculpture installation at the Atlantic Botanical Gardens. Years ago, my father took us to Storm King which is a permanent collection of sculptures set in nature.

  4. What a huge variety there is to look at!

  5. My favourite is the rust pinecone, that I would have in my garden. Closely following I like the solar powered water feature.

  6. Love the fountain. Surely someone would dig you a pond....