Thursday 31 March 2016

Flowers in the Garden

Following up from my post on the sculpture exhibition on Tuesday I am returning to the Botanic Gardens today to show some of the flowers that were out in the garden. It is quite early in the season and a lot of the shrubs were still dormant. There was however quite a few spring flowers. These wild daffodil were prolific in the native plants area.

I had never seen these collared narcissi before.

Then there were some rather wind beaten but beautiful anemones.

Then several stunning white magnolias which always make a good picture.

The glasshouses also had quite a selection.

Certainly a lovely setting for a stroll.


  1. That's my dream, to have a field of daffodils. All are so pretty.

  2. What a beautiful place. It looks well worth a visit. I'll have to overcome the fact that it is on the 'wrong' side of Bristol for me!

  3. Great bank of daffs in the top shot. It reminds me of the one they've been using on the BBC weather forecast!
    I've been loving the different magnolias too, and thinking of you whenever I see them!