Monday 28 March 2016

Memorandum Monday: New Life

Firstly I would like to give a big wave to Sian and all the other blog readers and wish everyone a very Happy Easter.


Easter is all about new life, new growth and resurrection. Anyone who has read my posts over the weekend will know there has been plenty of new growth happening on the farm this weekend. We have been thrown rapidly into the midst of full on lambing. 

We have of course had time for a family roast dinner of Roast Lamb (sorry to the squeamish!) and all the trimmings. The girls who own most of the sheep are expected to do the majority of the work. Older daughter has spent most of the day in the lambing shed.

Younger daughter has divided her time between revising for A Levels and doing her share of work with the sheep.

The expectant mums wait patiently. Things aren't as crowded as they look.

Then guess what this little one was named??

Had to be Patch!
There was of course time to dash back to the rest of the family for some Easter tea. 


Hope you all enjoy the rest of the Easter break.



  1. Happy Easter to you. Your Easter cakes look quite yummy. Sweet little lambs & I like your collage of daffodils.

  2. Lots of lovely Easter images, hope you had a lovely day with the family x

  3. Oh a proper simnel cake - yum - I'd be right round if I thought there would be any left! Lovely lambing photos. have a great week

  4. Happy Easter! Cakes look yum and the sheep in the foreground, third from bottom, made me smile. Wonder what Patch's surname is?

  5. They are such cute little critters!

  6. I have enjoyed every one of your Spring Farm posts. I know I've said it before, but honestly, they are a breath of fresh air for this city dweller.

    Wishing you a nice time over the Easter break, though I have no doubt you will have plenty to keep you busy!

  7. Such a busy time of the year, I love seeing the farm in the springtime. I hope the lambing goes well for the girls.