Thursday 17 March 2016

An Arrow

The only item that I have not posted for the Winter Photography Scavenger Hunt is No. 18 An Arrow. I have struggled a little to find something inspiring for this one. I have found a few.
This first one was outside The Aquarium in Bristol. It leaves no doubt as to which way you need to go to enter!

There is a network of cycle routes all over the Bristol and Bath area. I like this one because of the contrast of new and odd signage. We have a lot of these old road signs around our area with the county marked on the top.

It was only a few days ago that I realised there was an arrow right on my doorstep. I spotted this one lingering on our horse ménage. I assume someone wanted to accustom their horse to scary horse signs. I won't ask where they got it from.


  1. I like that old arrow road sign very much

  2. A good collection of arrows. I also like the old road sign arrow. Let's hope that the scary sign is mastered soon. At work one day we found a large pizza sign someone had dumped at the main doors - I wondered if the sign was being "borrowed" & they decided at the last minute it was not needed. No one ever came to claim.

  3. I still have that one to do