Sunday 20 March 2016

Ornate Railings

I shall be posting my final finds for the Winter Photography Scavenger Hunt on Tuesday (one day late). Meanwhile I have a few ornate metal railings to consider.
When visiting York we stayed in The Churchill Hotel which was furnished in a rather quirky World War 2 style with many Churchill memorabilia. I was amused to see that the railings were original and had saved the war when most railings were removed for the war effort. The house had been occupied by the military who had "saved" the railings from removal!

It is in another historic city namely Bath that I spotted quite a few more railings.

Most of the houses would originally had light holders such as this over their entrance.

This last example was from Bristol at the bottom of Park St.


  1. Great variety of railings. It is interesting that the lightholders survived in Bath when many of the railings did not.

  2. Interesting. The railings outside my Grandma's house were taken away, but my Grandpa was a sheet metal worker so after the war he made more. They both died years ago, but when we go past the street we can still see the railings alongside the wooden replacements on the other houses.

  3. I like metal railings - always so sturdy and yet ornate.