Tuesday 1 March 2016

The Winter Photography Scavenger Hunt February Link Up

 Today I am linking up with Eileen and Joy to show so of my finds for the photo hunt. You can catch up with everyone else's finds on their blogs. I have already posted a few items which you can catch up with by following these links.

I still have a few to post before the middle of March but today I have a few entries for No. 13 Street Art. There is only one place to go to look for any kind of street art. Bristol is well known for being the home for quite a lot of the work of street artist Banksy. His work appears mysteriously overnight on the streets of the city. His identity remains unknown. Guided tours are now available looking at his work. He has had an exhibition at Bristol City Museum where the queues of visitors were sprawled down the road day after day. It was seeing these queues on the way to work which put me off even thinking of making a visit. More recently he has gained fame for his exhibition Dismaland at Weston Super Mare . A rather sombre  take off of theme parks. I felt the need therefore to post at least one of his artworks which is situated at the bottom of Park St.

Other street art that I found seemed to fall into two categories. Murals deliberately designed as part of various community projects.  Both of these below are directly below the Banksy one. 

I also came across these two in a play area in Nailsea.

Then this one outside a pub in Bristol.

Then of course there is the inevitable grafetti which he can be found in corners of every town and city.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone else's finds and must get together my last few finds ready for the final link up.


  1. Great street art, Maggie, well found. Joy x x

  2. A great selection of street art; you've done better than me on that one.

  3. I love the variety of street art.