Saturday 26 March 2016

Lost Lamb

Over the last couple of days the ewes have started to have their lambs. They were still out in the field until yesterday and I went up with older daughter to check them. Once they start they need checking every few hours in case any of the ewes need help and to try and prevent any mix ups.

It is necessary to quietly walk round them all.

On this occasion there was a mystery lamb all on it's own. This is unusual as the mother usually stays close by.

A little bit of checking was done to try and find the missing mum.

Expectant ewes can appear interested in a lamb if they are close to lambing themselves.

We were unable to identify a mum so the lamb was brought back, given a bottle and given to another ewe with a single lamb to foster. The rest of the ewes are now in the shed where they can be monitored more easily and are in the dry.


  1. Trying to match a lost lamb with its Mum must be akin to finding a needle in a haystack! Hope lambing goes well.

  2. Aahhh - poor lamb. Glad it found someone to care for it.

  3. Poor baby lamb, glad you & your daughter went for the walk. I like happy endings, even though the best ending would have been to find the Mum.

  4. This is an interesting one. I had no idea this could happen