Saturday 19 March 2016

A Chilly Walk

Yesterday I went for my monthly walk with my walking group. It was a bit disappointing to wake up to such a sharply cold day especially as the planned walk was in quite an elevated position. We met at The Crown, a popular pub in a small hamlet called Tolldown. It is situated only about a mile from the Bath junction with the M4 on the A46. Our first task was to cross the busy A46 which proved to be quite tricky.

We were then on small country roads where we able to walk at a fair pace to counteract the bitter wind.

We made our way down to the village of Dyrham where we passed the back entrance to a National Trust property Dyrham Park.

Work was in progress in the gardens to prepare it for the coming season.

Only one gardener seemed to be hard at work. A daunting task!

Some of the properties in the village were not on quite the same scale. Possibly a previous gate house?

We passed a small waterfall before we turned back up the hill.

The return climbed up and through Dyrham Camp also known as Hinton Hillfort. This spur of land was the sight of an Iron Age Fort of which the terraces are still visible.

When we reached the top there was just time for a reflective photo before returning to the pub for lunch.


  1. I've often thought about joining a walking group, your walk looked very cold!

  2. I have to admit I'm not at all happy to see you all bundled up for your walk. There's now a winter snowstorm predicted for the northeast as we head back from sunny, warm Florida where I've been walking in the surf every day! Another beautiful setting, though, and a gorgeous waterfall.

  3. That is a very exposed spot on the top of the hill, shame there was no sunshine for you. That is a longish walk too!